banknifty muhurat trading tips 2015


banknifty future today closed at 16861 with 208 points loss.
5% open interest addition suggest fresh shorts in market.
banknifty 18000 call options writing is seen.

banknifty short term trend and momentum both
are bearish and now prices are in oversold zone.

banknifty intraday support will be 16700 and 16450.
banknifty intraday resistance will be 16935 and 17150.

banknifty heading towards 16700 and 16450 spot targets.
but as prices are in oversold area , investors must
follow buy and accumulate strategy.

free banknifty future muhurat trading call will be
follow buy and accumulate view around 16700-16450 zone
for big targets in medium terms.

free banknifty option muhurat trading call will be
buy and accumulate 17500 call options of dec expiry
on decline with stoploss for big gains in medium terms.