banknifty sell off, 16900 will act as strong resistance

free banknifty future and options strategy for 19 November 2015
banknifty future today closed at 16790 with loss of 390 points
banknifty long call hit stop loss for traders
on downside 16700 is stop loss for swing traders
below it next major support as well as banknifty
downside target will be 16450.

banknifty index has multiple support around 16400-16700 zone
if banknifty breaks them then it will be
very bearish from medium to long terms.

my view still bullish and above 16700 we will keep
long view and buy and accumulate strategy for banknifty.
on decline risk traders can use banknifty 17000 call options
of dec expiry as buy and accumulate for big gains in medium terms