banknifty taken support above 16700 heading for 17330-17500

free banknifty future and option tips for 20 nov 2015
banknifty future today closed at 17075 with 265 points gain.
12% open interest cut shows strong short covering rally.
banknifty 17500 call options writing is seen.

banknifty had taken support just above 16700
and now moving towards 17330 and 17500 targets.

banknifty intraday support will be 16950 and 16800.
banknifty intraday resistance will be 17140 and 17330.

contra call worked and banknifty almost given
350 points rally from yesterdays bottom !!

free banknifty future intraday call will be
keep buy on decline strategy with stop loss below support.
for targets 17330 and 17500 positionally.

free banknifty option intraday call will be buy 16900
call options on decline with stop loss.
today 16900 call option almost given 135 rupee from 185 low
or 60-70% return in intraday !!