best small cap stocks to buy now in india aug 2013 list


best small cap stocks to buy now in india

Company NameMarket CapPRICEPEPBDividend YieldDebt Equity Ratio
Mac Charles(I)115.28888.640.56.820.01
Nahar Capital56.92342.750.14.410.01
Torrent Cables57.4566.
Indo National73.51969.
Datamatics Glob.117.88204.020.33.740.04
Guj. Sidhee Cem.50.513.971.
Panama Petrochem103.441208.710.54.170.05
OnMobile Global235.3120.
Cheviot Company121.27268.94.420.55.580.06
Maithan Alloys94.64652.
Marathon Nextgen227.521204.560.53.330.08
Vikas Wsp214.4815.610.620.26.410.1
Titagarh Wagons159.5879.556.920.310.060.14
Mafatlal Inds.132.2195.053.930.45.260.16
Kothari Products222.13353.760.34.480.17
Navin Fluo.Intl.156.89160.754.210.39.330.18
A.K.Capital Serv74.68113.152.360.35.30.22
Mangalam Cement239.4189.73.420.56.690.23
Maha.Shree Umaid246.1194.955.570.45.270.26
Bhagyanagar Ind63.919.758.190.33.990.27
Kirl. Ferrous220.3716.
Prec. Wires (I)52.645.
Century Enka214.4698.154.690.36.110.49
Prakash Inds.389.3528.952.360.23.450.49

*only for long term investment and risk remain high.

Updated: February 25, 2014 — 6:07 AM

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