Commodity tips 2013 Returns+374% Profit+9,34,650/-


Commodity tips 2013 performance

In commodity calls pack in 2013, 11 months given positive returns
While 1 month given negative returns for future calls subscribers.

In that May. 2013, was highest profit minting month with profit Rs. +1,47,050/-
This was +59% returns on opening capital of 2.5 Lakhs.
While Aug. 2013 was negative profit minting month with loss Rs. –1,01,850/-
This was -41% returns on opening capital of 2.5 Lakhs.

In 2013 commodity tips, total profit was Rs. 9,34,650/-
This was +374% returns in 1 year’s period with 92% profit making accuracy
with average risk reward of 1:2.5+ in calls.

At end opening capital was turned into Rs. + 11,84,650/- rupees.
Means almost Rs. +78,000/- average profit per month
Moreover, +31% average return on capital per month.


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