Currency tips 2012 Return+962% profit Rs.5,77,000/-

Premium Currency tips 2012 performance (Currency calls pack)
In 2012, 10 months were given positive returns and 2 months are
given negative returns for currency calls subscribers.
In that March 2012, was highest profit minting month with profit Rs. +1, 22, 400/-
This was 204% return on opening capital of Rs. 60,000/-.
While Dec. 2012 was negative profit minting month with loss Rs. -12, 400/-
This was only -20.6% returns on opening capital of Rs. 60,000/-.
In 2012 currency tips, total profit was Rs. 5, 77, 000/-
This is 962% return in 1 year’s period.
At end opening capital was turned into Rs. + 6, 37, 000/- rupees.
Means Rs. +48,083/- average profit per month in 2012.
Moreover, +81% average return on capital per month in 2012.
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