Odds of beating the stock market

Beating the market means getting higher return than base market benchmark. Means if today stock market up by 1% and you earns 2% in intraday means you have been beating the market today.Another example will be if market benchmark given 25% return in year and you got anything above 25% to the year then you have place in row of market beater. Every day all over the world hundreds of thousands professional traders beat the market.

Using technical analysis to beat the market
Learning and using technical analysis is all about beating the market and getting higher returns. If you don’t think it is possible then you might don’t know about technical analysis and technical trading.

It is not so easy because many traders failed to beat the market in volatile conditions and lost everything in pursuit of that because they don’t change their method according to markets. Few traders survived and made lot of money as they were smart and change technique, strategies and risk according to market conditions.

Skill and experience do count
To trade like pro is special skill and takes lot of training, practice, experience and learning from past mistakes. It is same like learning and running other businesses. If can’t open a restaurant without knowing about how to cook. But somehow many newcomers or amateurs think of beating the market without understanding market and prices.

If you want to get ahead of everyone then sharpen you’re trading skills and become a self-supporting professional trader. Trading is business and it comes with hard choices. Technical analysis or any other method never guarantee 100% but controlled risk and experience might take traders towards beating the market.

As in cooking, every chef have different taste of same recipe, same in trading every trader is unique chart reading ability and according to that he has its own unique risk profile, profit taking strategy and has unique ability to put capital at stake.

Everything is unique and personalized
If one method work for a traders it might be fail for other because of different personality, goals and experience and most of the best method fails because bad traders don’t have discipline of risk and money management.

Using right technical methods according to your personal risk profile is like soul searching and it takes time. That why most of the failed traders and investors blame technical analysis for their losses. While other losses due to overly scientific approach towards market.

Traders have been profiting from various technical method since 17th century and it is helping trader community to beat the market.

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