option software-Option-master 2013


option software-Option-master 2013

Option-master™ is India’s first option signal software for traders.Option-master™  is simple software which given you current positions of option and it target and stop loss with risk reward ratio analysis.Option-master™ analyze option premium on price movement and open interest and gives you possible trade in that options.in trending market compound results are 100% accurate in volatility market accuracy comes down.
also you can track 5 option contacts in real time with current profit/loss in position.
if option is already achieved target then in status row you can see that.
on upper side of software,you have to choose symbol then option expiry month then option type(ce=call options,pe=put options) and then type strike price.then hit go button.that all done!!
you will see current market price of option then stoploss /targets.if take positions at current price then what is risk and reward and possible trade signal.
e.g see follow nifty 5500ce march expiry option example.
nifty 5500ce option buy call with stoploss 255 and for target 682.in this trade risk is 36% while reward is almost 72%.

e.g infy 3000ce march ltp is 69.9.buy call was 36.55 with stoploss 27.

Optionmaster 2013

how to use software:-

  • download Option-master™ zip file from “here”
  • then exact zip package on you c:/ drive and make short cut of Option-master™.exe to desktop.
  • click on software icon-first time registration form will open-please fill that carefully with appropriate details.
  • for using this software you must have ,Microsoft office, dot net 2.0+ and internet explorer installed on your system.
  • This is windows based software and not tested with Linux/Mac or other systems.
  • for demo visit us on office. online demo is not available.

Option-master™ full version=rs.12,000/pc.
to buy this software make payment on bank details given in ‘subscription page’.send payment details with software registration details.software will be activated after payment verification.