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If you looking for Professional and Practical Stock Market Training or Stock Market Courses then Dalal Street winners coaching services is the one the best coaching program where you can learn Market basics, How to Trade and generate continues profits with professional Trading strategy.
Trading is a very good business but most people fails mostly because they turn this business into gambling, and as most gamblers lose they also succumb to the same fate. Trading is not that simple or easy that why 95% of all traders fails in their first two years of their trading career.
In my view, Professional Trader success depend on 5 pillars and those are

  1. In-depth markets knowledge
  2. Trading as well as charting software experience
  3. Technical analysis knowledge 
  4. Money and Risk management methods 
  5. Practical trading experience. 

Our coaching program covers these 5 things and helps you to become one of the best and successful trader.
We have 2 types of coaching programs:

1. Trade-Master Basic : Rs. 5000/- .
2. Trade-master Pro : Rs. 10,000/-.
Trade-master basic covers intraday and swing stock Trading training, while Pro is for F&O, Commodity, and currency traders. Both programs, have weekend classes and online follow-up and support on weekdays. Trade-Master Basic program spans over 1 to 3 months while Pro will requires 3-6 Months Training.
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What Makes Dalal street winners the best coaching for you?
  • You will get a Comprehensive Education. You won’t find any other course that offers the Practical knowledge and extensive detailed training.
  • Basic but practical knowledge of stock, derivative, commodity and currency markets.
  • Quotetracker professional and unique charting software training and system designing.
  • Price and momentum based indicators and oscillators study in technical analysis sessions.
  • Best money and risk management methods as key elements in success in learning how not to lose money in trading.
  • Learning how to actually trade is what most people never learn.
  • You are learning from educators and professionals who have worked in various market and has expertise in Practical trading.
  • Individual Support. Every individual has unique trading preferences and we develop them that way. You tell us what you want and we work with you to develop your trading plan and process.
To join our Training program, visit Contact us page.

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