NSE Accurate Intraday Equity Tips


Accurate Intraday cash Tips

Get 100% genuine and accurate pure Intraday equity trading tips on WhatsApp with live support and follow-ups. Get daily average 1-2 intraday BSE NSE share with average 1:2 risk reward ratio.

we provide free and jackpot intraday trading tips with single target and with stop loss. Traders have to maintain 50k capital in their trading account and can expect average monthly return around 10k to 15k or 20-30% ROC. At a time maximum, 2 positions will be open in the market depending on position size.

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Our All Services Are Designed In A Way To Get A Higher Average Return On Trading Taking Calculated Risk. We Focus On Getting Higher Average Monthly Returns. Before Subscribing To Our Services, Readers Must Check FAQ And Disclaimer Page.

  • For Domestic users :

  • Rs.3000/monthly
  • Rs. 6,000/Quarterly (SAVE 33% ) 
  • Rs. 9,000/Half Yearly (SAVE 50%)
  • Rs.12,000/yearly  (SAVE 66%)

Intraday Trading Professional Trading Rules

  1. Subscriber must have the ability to maintain required capital.
  2. On profit, must make pay-out and on loss must have the ability to pay-in.
  3. Must have possible minimum brokerage trading account (Like RKSV or Zerodha)
  4. Over or under position taking must be avoided. This might cause higher losses or under profits.
  5. After entering in position must put stop loss order in the system.
  6. On exit call, must take profit and exit from the position.
  7. There will be only one entry and one exit means one target and one stop loss.
  8. Make sure that you exited from all intraday calls before or at 3.15 PM.
  9. Our Intraday stock tips service is relatively low risk-low return type product.

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Intraday Cash tips
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