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MCX Energy Technical analysis 24 to 28 Sep. 2018

  #CrudeOil & #NaturalGas #Weekly TGTS  Crude Oil & Natural Gas #September 2018, MCX Energy, Technical Analysis, Trading Calls Crude Oil Price In #India, Crude Oil Price #Chart, Crude Oil Price Today In Dollar Per Barrel, Live Crude Oil Price In Dollar, Crude Oil Chart, Mcx Crude Oil #Live Chart, Brent Crude Oil Price, Natural […]

MCX Energy Tips for 17 to 21 Sep. 2018

Commodity Trading calls for 17 to 21 SEP 2018   Free Crude oil future weekly tips mcx crude oil future below hit 5150 TGT now next TGT will be 5325.   Free natural gas future weekly tips mcx natural gas future below 202 will remain weak and sell for TGTs 194 to 181.  

Crude Oil & Natural Gas trading calls September 2018

MCX Energy Technical analysis & Trading calls   MCX Crude oil future trading call for september 2018 remain buy on dips above 4840 support level for targets 5150 and then 5325       MCX natural gas future trading call for september 2018 remain buy on dips above 201 support level for targets 214 and […]

Best & Free Technical Analysis Software For Nifty, Banknifty, Currency, MCX Commodity Futures

The #Best #Technical #Analysis #Trading #Software for Indian traders. Which can be used for #Nifty #Banknifty future trading, NSE #Currency or #forex #derivatives trading, #MCX #Commodity trading and analysis.   Trading wouldn’t exist without software. Here are the best programs and #applications for technical analysis. #Quotetracker is a free Windows #program that provides streaming real-time […]

Jeff Bezos : The Golden Age Of AI And That Machine Learning

Jeff Bezos In An Interview States We Are In The Golden Age Of Artificial Intelligence And That Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solves Cognitive Problems Commonly Associated With Human Intelligence Through Machine Learning And Deep Learning. In Early 2014, Srikanth Thirumalai Met With Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Thirumalai, A Computer Scientist Who’d Left IBM In […]

Trend trading Strategies and Indicators

Trend Trading Using trend and trend line analysis is a very important part of technical analysis, but keep in mind that it is only one of the many tools and techniques available. When a trend line is broken it should only serve as a warning that the trend may be changing and possible fresh buy […]

Trend Lines Technical analysis, Tools and examples

Trend lines A trend line is a straight line that connects two or more price points and then extends into the future to act as a line of support or resistance. Principles of support and resistance levels can be applied to trend line. Uptrend line An uptrend line is a straight line drawn upward to […]

Three trend lengths and Their Importance for Trading and Investing

Charles Dow developed a series of principles for understanding and analyzing market behavior known as Dow Theory. This theory is the foundation of the study of technical analysis. Charles Dow believed that prices moved in waves or trends. He believed tides or primary trend are made of waves which is intermediate trend and waves constitute […]

Three directions of price trend and How to use Them

An uptrend is made up of rising peaks and troughs. In this trend, prices makes higher highs and higher lows. In this trend buyers makes money in the market. Beside, trend lines, Moving averages are another popular tool used to determine uptrend. Traders look for price to be trading above the moving average and for it […]

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