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how to calculate nifty banknifty F&O margin, profit-loss ?

Nifty and banknifty are major market indices. Nifty is India’s major 50 stock index and gives generalized idea about major market movement and performance. While banknifty is the 12 most liquid and large capitalized stocks from the banking sector which trade on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). It provides investors and market intermediaries a benchmark […]

US stocks on monday-A mixed start

The latest on developments in financial markets (All times local): 9:35 a.m.   Stocks are off to a mixed start on Wall Street as losses for banks and energy companies outweigh gains in technology companies. Chevron fell 0.8 percent in early trading Monday, and Wells Fargo lost 0.6 percent. Microsoft rose 0.5 percent.   Abercrombie […]

Professional forex trader’s rules book

Professional forex trading rules Professional forex traders avoid common mistakes done by newcomers and amateurs retail traders. That is simple and working path for profitable trading. Trading with patience Many beginners start forex trading to become rich in short period of time. But very few consider the risk and commitment required to achieve this goal. […]

What professional traders do differently?

Most common trading mistakes by amateurs  No definite objective plan Professional traders always have high profitability and controlled risk trading pan while newcomers and amateurs lacks this. High profit and controlled risk trading plan consist of right entry point with target and a stop loss for continuous trading. This plan works for professionals for any […]

Market basics tutorial-Trading vs. investing

Trading versus investing        Trading and investing are two different things. And they work differently and carries different risks and rewards. Most newcomers or amateurs get confused in trading and investing. Most often in trader’s life, bad trades turn out to be bad investment in the beginning of his trading carriers.     Warren buffett once […]

Investing for beginners with little money 101

Investing for beginners guide There are 3 major Market players present at any given time in the market. Hogs or pigs are new comers or amateurs with false market assumption and unrealistic expectations. They read 1-2 stock market books or take 1-2 crash courses in trading and pretend like they know all about market. Usually […]

The truth about day trading: facts and figures

Day trading is type of speculative trading in which traders buy and sell financial instruments usually stock within the same day. Day trading also can be done into futures, options, commodity, and currency et cetera. New comers or amateurs attract towards this type of trading because they want to make lot of money in short […]

Odds of beating the stock market

Beating the market means getting higher return (join now and earn jackpot return in market) than base market benchmark. Means if today stock market up by 1% and you earns 2% in intraday means you have been beating the market today. Another example will be if market benchmark given 25% return in year and you […]

ट्रेंड आणि सामायावधी

ट्रेंड हि एक विविधता ने प्रेरित संकल्पना आहे आणि जी ट्रेडर्सच्या वापरानुसार आणि जरुरातीनुसार बदलली जाऊ शकते. ट्रेंड जी सोपी व्याख्या म्हणजे “ चार्ट वरील किंमतींची दिशा जी इंडीकेटर्सच्या मदतीने सहज ओळखली जाऊ शकते”. प्रत्येक ट्रेडर आपल्या जोखीम, समज आणि गरजेप्रमाणे ह्यात बदल आणि त्याचा उपयोग करू शकतो. जेव्हा किंमती इंडीकेटर्सनुसार योग्य दिशेने मार्गक्रमण करतात […]

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