Top 5 most popular charting softwares review

Charting platforms are one of the important infrastructures in traders or investors life. A good charting platforms with flexibility, affordability, and best customization can help traders to achieve its goals. That why I handpicked 5 top Charting platforms for traders and investors.     eSignal charting Software image Award-winning trading software for serious traders and investors eSignal is your All-in-One trading platform packed with powerful features including all-new global market screeners, award-winning charting tools, lightning-fast market data, direct access to your choice of 50+ brokers and global fundamentals – all from one easy-to-use trading platform. E-signal charting software have following features: Access to Fast, Real-Time, Reliable Data, Easy-to-Use, Customizable Workspace, Advanced Charting, and Access to Global Markets. Transform your trading with eSignal, the platform the pros use. For more detail visit official website:     QuoteTracker charting application image QuoteTracker is a Windows program that integrates with various data feeds, brokers, and financial sites to provide you with streaming real-time quotes, live intraday charts with Technical Indicators, Level II quotes, Time and Sales, alerts, news monitoring, and everything else you may need to trade in today’s market. It also ties into major brokers to give you fully Integrated trading from within the software. You can trade through your own broker using QuoteTracker interface. Order Entry and transaction monitoring is fast and streamlined. QuoteTracker can be used to track most types of securities – Stocks, Options, Indices, Futures, FOREX/Currencies, Bonds, etc. QuoteTracker charting software have following features: Supports your data feeds, streaming Real-Time quotes, Live real-time intraday charts, Dynamic Historical charts, Streaming Level II Quotes, Over 120 Technical Indicators, Integrated Trading, Intraday & Historical Chart Trend Lines, Advanced Alert System with Email alerts, NEWS Monitoring, Multiple portfolios support, Customizable portfolio views, Scrolling Ticker Tape, Portfolio Printing, Ability to connect to many data feeds. Also, QuoteTracker offers free auto-registration with my TD AMERITRADE Account. For more detail visit official website:     TradeStation charting Platform Take your trading to the next level with professional-grade charting that puts advanced analysis capabilities at your fingertips. Serious traders choose TradeStation for its award-winning charting tools, depth of features and flexibility that helps traders adapt their analysis to ever-changing markets. image TradeStation charting software have following features: Traditional to exotic chart types – From candlesticks (see candlestick patterns posters )to Renko bars, TradeStation has perfected over 10 different chart types so you can view the market from nearly every conceivable angle. Indicators, indicators and more indicators – More than 150 indicators come standard with the TradeStation platform. You can also create or download custom indicators for nearly unlimited analysis capabilities. Multiple-time-frame analysis – Combining multiple symbols and/or intervals on the same chart allows you to isolate market conditions that may directly affect your trading. Comprehensive historical market data – You can chart, analyze and back-test historical market data, with up to 90+ years of daily data, up to 27+ years of intraday data and six months of tick data. Visualize market moves, potential breakouts and chart patterns in real time – Indicators, ShowMe™ studies, PaintBar™ studies, Activity Bars, and Probability Maps enable you to analyze the market in ways that make the most sense to you. Ease of use for simplified chart analysis – Extensive chart linking, annotating capabilities, transparency and data-forward design are just a few of the features that simplify chart analysis in TradeStation. Visually stunning and highly customizable charts – Virtually every graphical and other element of our charts can be customized, allowing you to personalize your charts to perfection and maximize your perspective on the markets. For more detail visit official website:     MetaStock charting software Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out, there is a MetaStock software and market data package for you. Day Traders will appreciate the real-time data and news in MetaStock Real Time powered by MetaStock XENITH. MetaStock Daily Charts and DataLink is the perfect solution for end of day traders. All of our products include global market data for analyzing stocks, options, FOREX, commodities, eminis, foreign currency and more. image MetaStock charting software have following features: METASTOCK Real Time: Designed for the day trader, and powered by MetaStock XENITH, MetaStock Real Time is a global leader in charting and analysis tools. METASTOCK XENITH: latest analysis tool is more comprehensive, more intuitive and more collaborative than anything you’ve ever worked with. The Power of Advanced Trading Systems: Improve the advanced analysis power of MetaStock by adding on MetaStock’s incredible Add-Ons which provide additional functionality to MetaStock. Add-ons can include the creator’s trading methodology by adding custom indicators, explorations, system tests, and expert advisors. For more detail visit official website:     AmiBroker charting software AmiBroker is a hyper fast Monte Carlo simulator, new Formula Editor with Code Snippets, layered Low-level Graphics, massively parallel Multi-Threaded Charting and Rendering, new Multi-Threaded Analysis module, automatic Walk-Forward Testing, new Ranking functions, Multi-monitor floating charts, symbol and interval linking, drag-and-drop indicator creation, Industry fastest, multi-threaded unlimited-symbol True Portfolio-Level Backtesting and Optimization, now with Smart Evolutionary algorithms, scaling, market-neutral system support and multiple currencies handling, One-click setup and update of US stocks listing with sector and industry assignments, free Fundamental data, Multiple Time-Frame support, 3D optimization charts, new Account manager, automated trading interface, volume profile, object-oriented charting, drawing layers, multi-window layouts, formula-based alerts, easy-to-use formula editor, equity function, unique composite indicators, built-in web research browser, direct link to many data feed providers. image Amibroker charting software have following features: System Design, Test, and Validation Back-testing True Portfolio-level testing Dynamic portfolio-level position sizing Blazing fast speed (Nasdaq 100 symbol back-test of simple MACD system, covering 10 years end-of-day data takes below one second)* No limit on number of symbols under test (capable of handling entire US stock universe) Supports all built-in and custom intervals (daily and intraday) Multiple timeframes in one system Multiple symbol data access (allows creation of spread strategies, global market timing signals, etc.) Scoring & ranking, dynamic trade allocation via position score Rotational trading Scaling in/out (pyramiding) Pair trading Customizable Equity/Drawdown Chart Custom Backtester interface Dynamic Rebalancing Custom metrics Multiple currency support All instrument classes Futures mode (margin/point value support) Mutual fund support (early redemption fee, early exit restrictions) Custom commissions Full trade price control (can emulate slippage) and trade delays Variable built-in stops: max. Loss, profit target, trailing (incl. Chandelier), N-bar (timed) all with customizable re-entry delay Support for constraints like round lot size, ticks size, minimum trade size, and maximum trade value as percent of bar volume Detailed trade listing Detailed reports for all, long-only, short-only trades with 42 built-in metrics including Sharpe ratio, Ulcer Index, CAR/MDD and many others Profit distribution chart, Maximum Favorable Excursion chart, Maximum Adverse Excursion chart Automatic storage, maintenance and viewing of all historical tests conducted via the Report Explorer Optimization Portfolio-level Optimization engine fully supports all backtesting features listed above User-defined objective function (optimization target) Up to 100 optimization parameters at once Blazing fast speed (10 year EOD, 100 symbols, 100 exhaustive opt. steps takes 25 seconds)* Exhaustive (full grid) optimization Non-exhaustive (smart) optimization using different evolutionary methods: (Particle Swarm Optimization), CMA-ES (Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolutionary Strategy) with full source codes Optimizer open API allowing to developing custom smart optimizers Three-dimensional, OpenGL animated optimization charts for robustness analysis Validation Walk-Forward testing with user-definable start, end, step, anchored / non-anchored mode User definable target (objective) function Sliced in-sample / out-of-sample equity charts Symbol picking randomization via position score Price variation robustness testing via randomization of trade prices Charting Object-oriented drawing tools (trend lines, rays, parallel lines, regression channels, Fibonacci retracement, expansion, Fibonacci time extensions, Fibonacci time zone, arc, Gann square, Gann square, cycles, circles, rectangles, text on the chart, arrows, and more) Drag-and-drop indicator creation (just drag moving average over say RSI to create smoothed RSI) Live! Parameters (change the indicator parameter using slider and see it updated live, immediately as you move the slider, great for visually finding how indicators work) All classic indicators included (ROC, RSI, MACD, OBV, CCI, MFI, NVI, Stochastics, and Ultimate oscillator, DMI, ADX, Parabolic SAR, TRIN, Advance/Decline line, Accumulation/Distribution, TRIX, Chaikin oscillator and many more) Referencing multiple symbol data in one chart (relative performance charts, spreads, composites, artificial data) Chart Playback (Bar Replay tool allows to playback charts using historical data, great tool for learning and paper-trading) Symbol linking Interval linking Instant switching of intervals (on-the-fly time compression without need to download compressed data) Excel-like, multiple chart sheets for easy switching between various indicator setups All possible intervals supported Yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily charts Intraday charts N-minute charts 5-second and 15-second charts – Pro version N-tick charts – Pro version N-range bars N-volume bars Graphics overlays, user-definable layers User-definable Z-order Multiple windows, panes, scales, intervals possible at the same time Multi-monitor support Floating windows Fast zoom/scroll Extensible blank space Chart interpretations – automatic descriptions of the meaning of given indicator Real-time features Multiple data source support (you are not locked to one data vendor, you can connect to eSignal, IQFeed, Interactive Brokers, QCharts, CQG, among others) Multi-page Real-Time quote window (with customizable column layout) Easy alerts (with customizable text, popup-window, e-mail, sound) Unlimited floating Time & Sales windows GetRTData function (the access to real-time data from formula level) Open Data API (allowing building plugins to connect to any 3rd party data source) DDE plugin (allows connection to any data source that features DDE server) Data saved locally (real time and backfill data are saved locally so you can keep old data even if you unsubscribe from data source) Scans, explorations, backtest can be run on live real-time data Automatic “active symbol list” maintenance (AmiBroker automatically subscribes/unsubscribes symbols from 3rd party source using FIFO (first-in-first-out) approach up to the limit of your RT subscription, saving you from headache of maintaining active symbol lists) All charts, including all indicators, can be refreshed in real-time or at user selected intervals (such as every N-seconds) Automatic trading via programming interface (currently Interactive Brokers only) Programming features All features of the program are available from code level Automatic formula creation via drag-and-drop (when you use charting interface AmiBroker writes formula for you) Automatic formula creation from plain English description (AFL Formula Wizard – see video) ‘C’-like array-based formula language (AmiBroker Formula Language – AFL), making indicator and system coding short and easy (Basic trading system contains just two lines of code, plus our coding for Stocks & Commodities Traders’ Tips is always the shortest) Array operation speed matching that of assembly (i.e. native machine) code User-defined functions, procedures, #includes User defined global/local variables, static variables Looping constructs while, for, do-while Conditional execution (if-else, switch-case-break) Unique AddToComposite function for easy creation of composite symbols 317 built-in functions featuring math functions, indicators, basic price pattern, date/time, categorization, string operations, trading system toolbox, time frame, file operations, etc. Open Indicator API (allows to code your indicators in any language capable of producing Windows DLL) OLE/COM object support (can call any method, read/write any property of external COM objects) JScript/VBScript support (can embed parts written in JScript or VBScript within the formula) Code profiler built-in (displays timing of all functions used within formula) Code future leak check (automatically checks if the formula references future) Code prettify (automatically formats the code) Extensive OLE automation interface (write scripts to automate any task) Miscellaneous features Data Free historical data from Yahoo Finance, MS Money, Google Finance, etc. (automatic download) Free fundamental data from Yahoo Finance (automatic download) Multiple 3rd party data vendor support (Quotes Plus, TC2000, CSI, eSignal, IQFeed, FastTrack, and Interactive Brokers etc.). Reads MetaStock databases directly Open Data API for connectivity with any data source DDE plugin, ODBC plugin for DDE and external database connectivity Symbol and list maintenance Categorization system (assigning symbols to markets, groups, sectors/industries, favorites) Unlimited user-definable watch list Filtering by any category AFL access to category structure State of the art programming AmiBroker is written in C++ (compiled to machine code), the same language in which operating systems are written. It runs natively on the CPU without the need of any kind of virtual machine or byte-code interpreter, unlike Java or .NET programs. The fact that CPU runs native machine code allows achieving maximum execution speed. The AFL language can process as much as 166 million data bars per second on 2GHz CPU, see this for details. The AmiBroker code has been hand optimized and profiled to gain maximum speed and minimize size. The small code runs many times faster because it is able to fit into CPU on-chip caches. Full setup program with example database and help files is just about 6 (six) megabytes, half of that is documentation and data. The executable alone (.exe and .dll libraries) are just 3.5 MB. In today’s world of bloatware, we are proud to deliver probably the most compact technical analysis application. For more detail visit official website:

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